Zabbix Keeps Logging me Out

I recently ran into an issue while installing a new Zabbix server running Zabbix 3.2. After the installation, Zabbix would keep logging me out. I would authenticate, click the Administration tab, then receive an access denied message saying I’m logged in as a guest user. It turns out that the reason Zabbix keeps logging me […]

Measure the Temperature in RetroPie

I was looking for an easy way to measure the temperature on RetroPie from the command line. I may, eventually, modify this script to log and keep averages. For now, this will simply measure the temperature in RetroPie and output the temp in Celsius and Fahrenheit. You’ll want to save this script to the home […]

pfSense Boot Loop

I just spun up a new pfSense install with the SG-4860 High availability bundle. Shortly after configuring the devices and rebooting the primary, I ended up with a pfSense boot loop. I was able to look at the pfSense boot loop messages by using my console cable and connect via PuTTY. Side note, while stuck […]

Secure SSH With Public/Private Keys

This article will walk you through the setup to Secure SSH With Public/Private Keys and how to load them into PuTTY for easy SSH access. We will also cover the following Create a non-privileged user for SSH Create a new SSH Public and Private key pair for the new user Convert the private key to […]

Apache Server Reached MaxClients Setting

Restored! Original Publish Date – June 24, 2011 Recently, one of our Apache web servers triggered an alert stating the HTTPD service was down with a Socket Error. Upon further investigation, I found the following line in our /var/log/httpd/error.log [Fri Jun 24 10:41:57 2011] [error] server reached MaxClients setting, consider raising the MaxClients setting The […]

Calculating Disk IOPs on Linux

Restored! Original Publish Date – December 23, 2011 I’ve recently been playing around with Zabbix monitoring solution to replace Icinga. I really wanted to find a solution to monitor the IOPs on my Linux servers, all of which are virtualized on Citrix Xen Server. I have some test servers connected to an HP StorageWorks NAS […]

Changing MTU of Bonded Interface within OpenFiler

Restored! Original Publish Date – September 5, 2012 I recently starting playing around with OpenFiler again. OpenFiler is a free SAN based linux distro that is really easy to use and configure. I installed OpenFiler on a Dell PowerEdge R710 2x146gb SAS drives and 6x 2TB 7200 SATA drives. I used the SAS drives for […]

Missing Disk Space in Linux

I recently ran into a disk space issue on one of my CentOS 6 servers. The server was running out of space, however, this is a static server that rarely changes. I logged into the box and issued a df command df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/mapper/vg_centos-lv_root 12G 12G 0M 100% […]