pfSense Boot Loop
pfSense Boot Loop
by Jeff on August 25th, 2015 8 Comments »
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I just spun up a new pfSense install with the SG-4860 High availability bundle. Shortly after configuring the devices and rebooting the primary, I ended up with a pfSense boot loop. I was able to look at the pfSense boot loop messages by using my console cable and connect via PuTTY. Side note, while stuck in a boot loop, Windows 7 thought the USB connection was a Microsoft Ball Point Pen. I had to power off the pfSense, plug in the USB, then power back on.

While the pfSense boot loop was occurring, I capture the following error via PuTTY logging

Error Message

Error was: savecore: reboot after panic: ufs_dirbad: /: bad dir ino 5698176 at offset 512: mangled entry

This error may mean that I have a bad drive or controller, so I’ll want to keep an eye on that. To get the system started and stop the pfSense boot loop, I performed the following

Boot into safe mode

  1. Power cycle the pfSense box while you have your USB connected and PuTTY open
  2. When you see the pfSense boot screen press 2 at the prompt
  3. Hit enter at the shell prompt


/sbin/fsck -p
Then ran
/sbin/fsck -y



if you still have a pfSense boot loop, then you may have a bad hard disk or controller.


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