Z-Push ActiveSync Connection Error
Z-Push ActiveSync Connection Error
by Jeff on January 29th, 2015 2 Comments »

I have been struggling with my Android 5 device and a Z-Push ActiveSync Connection error while trying to setup a new Exchange account. I was running Zimbra and Z-Push 2.1.2 without issues for almost a year. At one point, I realized that my ActiveSync account was throwing connection errors. I removed the account on my phone and attempted to recreate it. I received an error connecting to server message on the phone. The Z-Push logs contained the following

29/01/2015 13:13:03 [3297] [INFO] [user@email.com] -------- Start
29/01/2015 13:13:03 [3297] [INFO] [user@email.com] Version='2.1.2-1873' method='OPTIONS' from='' cmd='' getUser='user@email.com' devId='' devType=''
29/01/2015 13:13:03 [3297] [DEBUG] [user@email.com] NoPostRequestException: Options request - code: 1
29/01/2015 13:13:03 [3297] [DEBUG] [user@email.com] Including backend file: '/etc/z-push/backend/zimbra/zimbra.php'
29/01/2015 13:13:03 [3297] [DEBUG] [user@email.com] ZPush::GetSupportedProtocolVersions(): 1.0,2.0,2.1,2.5,12.0,12.1,14.0
29/01/2015 13:13:03 [3297] [DEBUG] [user@email.com] ZPush::GetSupportedCommands(): Sync,SendMail,SmartForward,SmartReply,GetAttachment,GetHierarchy,CreateCollection,DeleteCollection,MoveCollection,FolderSync,FolderCreate,FolderDelete,FolderUpdate,MoveItems,GetItemEstimate,MeetingResponse,ResolveRecipients,ValidateCert,Provision,Search,Ping,Notify,ItemOperations,Settings
29/01/2015 13:13:03 [3297] [INFO] [user@email.com] Options request
29/01/2015 13:13:03 [3297] [DEBUG] [user@email.com] -------- End

I had made a few changes that I thought may have messed with my settings causing the Z-Push ActiveSync Connection Error, such as disabling SSLv3 and enforcing more secure OpenSSL Ciphers. None of these led to the connection issue.

After searching for hours, I found This Forum Post which pointed me in the right direction. The problem is with Googles ModPageSpeed add-on for Apache interfering the Z-Push directories. After adding the following lines to my /etc/httpd/conf.d/pagespeed.conf file, the Z-Push ActiveSync connection error went away and my email started to flow.

ModPagespeedDisallow */z-push*
ModPagespeedDisallow */Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync*

Save the file and restart Apache

[root@server ~]# service httpd rstart
  • Mike

    Thanks, this fixed my problem and saved me the headache

  • Dagor

    Dude, you totally saved that day. I was wasting the entire sunny Saturday noon and early afternoon reinstalling, trying SSL, non-ssl, debian repo packages, tarballs and whatnot. You’re the first one that fixed it – and you did so without killing Pagespeed in total. Pagespeed gave me a headache with ownloud and webdav before – I think it’s best used with Web presences focused on pure content delivery in form of browsing. Or so. Anyhow, thanks!