Changing MTU of Bonded Interface within OpenFiler
Changing MTU of Bonded Interface within OpenFiler
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Original Publish Date - September 5, 2012

I recently starting playing around with OpenFiler again. OpenFiler is a free SAN based linux distro that is really easy to use and configure. I installed OpenFiler on a Dell PowerEdge R710 2x146gb SAS drives and 6x 2TB 7200 SATA drives. I used the SAS drives for the installation and Tier 1 storage, while the slower SATA drives will serve as Tier 2 storage.

During the installation, I wanted to create 2 bonded interface; Bond0 (eth0 and eth1) would run my iSCSI traffic and Bond1 (eth2 and eth3) would run my LAN traffic. The problem that I ran into is that my switches have Jumbo Frames turned on and I wanted the MTU to be 9000 on the bonded networks. I was unable to do this through the GUI of OpenFiler so I went into the command line.

First, you must SSH into your OpenFiler machine. You will be prompted for a username and password, the username is root and the password was configured during the initial setup. Note that this is not the password to the OpenFiler GUI. Once in the CLI, you will modify the network scripts for your bonded interfaces.

vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-bond0

And modify




And save the file.


VI Help Documents
Now you have to restart the Networking interfaces

service network restart

Now go into your System menu on your OpenFiler unit and you will the MTU set to 9000

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